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TelioEV is a discovery app that aids in locating nearby charging stations. With a dream for fully connected EV networks, our Discovery app aims to forefront the use of electric vehicles. Our software assists you in locating the nearest charging station, checking station availability, paying quickly, and utilizing other features that facilitate your travel.

The TelioEV Discovery App has a 5-star rating from over 7,000 users

Why is the TelioEV Discovery App the best application?

Range Anxiety in EV Users

When we have information about the stations along the route, their availability status, and the types of connectors they support, we can estimate the vehicle’s demands and capacity in advance, thereby eliminating range anxiety.

Complicated Navigation

The user interface of the discovery app was designed to be simple and straightforward, making it simple enough for anyone to use. Users are able to scroll through the list of stations with ease and connect to them without any difficulties.

Hassles while Billing and Transactions

Clear your transactions immediately, without any further costs or delays. You may quickly add more money to your wallet, which will make future transactions and payments much simpler.

Update on Charging Station

Users of the TelioEV Mobile App are able to determine nearby charging stations based on their current location and determine whether or not they are available. They will have the ability to receive real-time updates regarding the various charging options. In the event that they are accessible, the amenities that are offered at the charging stations, as well as other updates.

Key Features of Mobile APP

Interactive UI/UX

The user interface design of TelioEV makes it easier for you to grasp, which ultimately leads to increased user experience.

Easy Navigation through Easy Charging Slots

Through TelioEV Discovery mobile app find charging stations, reserve a charging time slot, complete the transaction, provide feedback, and create connections with other drivers of plug-in electric vehicles.

TelioEV charging point location-TelioEV Charging Management System

Filters for Precise Search

TelioEV Discovery mobile app user can customize the charging station to meet his or her own needs by using the filtering options. There are filters for the type of station, the number of charging ports available, the type of port, the facilities offered by that station, its availability, and user reviews and ratings.

Real Time Data Analytics & Dashboard

The TelioEV Discovery mobile app, which will contribute to the enhancement of mobility services by providing real-time data on charging infrastructure.

Easy Payment & Billing

Users of the TelioEV Discovery mobile app can search for charging stations by region, network, and connection type. The user is able to assess whether or not the charging station is free. The user can then make payments within the app.

Provides Charger Status on the Way

TelioEV Discovery mobile app can predict the vehicle’s needs and capabilities with knowledge of the stations along the route, their availability, and the connector types they support.

Helps Plan Long Journeys

The TelioEV Discovery mobile app allows users to locate all of the stations along a road trip route, which is helpful for planning extended journeys. 

Live Updates about Online and Offline Charging

With the TelioEV Mobile App, user registration is simple, quick, and hassle-free. Users can identify available charging stations based on their location and proximity. They will be able to get live updates about the charging solutions

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