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What Are We Offering?​​

We provide the best end-to-end EV charge point software solution that effortlessly analyses the charge point performance, the revenue from the charging stations, and client usage patterns, thereby revealing methods for improving our marketing campaigns and placements.

  • Locates the closest charging stations, reserve a charging session, and pay through the app, thereby enhancing the charging experience for electric vehicle (EV) drivers.
  • Manages EV charging operations, EV charging bills, energy management, dynamic load management, the EV driver experience, and EV fleet administration with no manual inputs. 
  • Generates detailed billing, auditing, and financial reports, eliminating the need for human data entry.
  • Determines the client’s usage patterns and times of usage. With this type of information, we can easily plan and comprehend how to manage and operate charging stations.
  • Automates EV charging points operations and reporting on daily basis. We are able to maximize the earnings on investment on EV charging station, analyze the electric car usage, payments, and manages all maintenance expenses.

Why are these services being provided?

We anticipate an increase in demand for charging stations in the near future. It must be adapted to the transport ecosystem and the ability of stakeholders must be determined to support its on-the-ground development. A suitable strategy is necessary to ensure that the efficient and timely application of EV charging infrastructure satisfies the customers’ needs and is appropriately integrated within the power supply and transportation systems. We believe in offering platforms that are scalable, allow seamless integration, and incorporate next-generation technologies such as IoT, AI and more.

Our TelioEV services provide:

  • An environment that is free of range anxiety for EV users
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Easy and convenient navigation to the charging points
  • Superior and high security network

Who are our customers?

Charge Point Operators

Our end-to-end TelioEV electric vehicle charge station management platform can accommodate your strategic charging business requirements. The automation technologies utilised by TelioEV must manage technical and transactional difficulties without requiring employee intervention. Get started with your EV charging station company and TelioEV will take care of the technology for you!


Make use of the advanced controllers and software that are made available by TelioEV CMS while you are hosting your charge stations in the cloud. In addition, construct or transfer your EV charging network using our scalable cloud-based technology. TelioEV cloud based charging platform supports OCPP enabled chargers, roaming and customized chargers.

EV Users

For EV drivers, TelioEV has created an application with a huge database of charging stations. The only requirement is to download the app. This application allows us to discover the nearest EV charging station, navigate to that location, reserve a charging session, pay online, and receive an online invoice. Everything is at your fingertips! Effortless, without concern for the range, and utterly dependable.

Electric Vehicle Merchants

In a world where electric mobility is expanding, TelioEV charging stations for electric vehicles can provide great benefits to merchants, including new revenue streams and delighted customers. In addition, consumers will appreciate the easy access to EV charging as well as doing business with an environmentally conscious company.

Fleet Owners

The TelioEV Discovery Application provides fleet owners with EV Charging Platforms that centrally manage all EV fleet charging solutions. We assist in enhancing the charging infrastructure so that you may maintain perfect control of your network and fix difficulties remotely and more effectively, thereby substantially cutting costs.

What is it that TelioEV is doing right

Constructing | Providing | Securing – Our Future

By enabling charging station manufacturers and operators to expand and scale, TelioEV is constructing a vast charging station network. By providing a technically solid software platform, TelioEv is able to empower the expansion of electric car futures.

We’re here to simplify the integration process, and we’ve spent years designing a future-proof, user-friendly system with extensive capabilities. We are prepared to establish a large platform for fleet owners, CMS users, and individual EV users.

We are utilising technology to automate the charging of electric vehicles. With increased resources and collaborators, TelioEV is developing a solution that will empower customers to revolutionise their businesses and bring genuine value to their lives.

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Panting a tree has never been easier! Follow these simple steps and take a step towards a greener and cleaner future.

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Easy-to-use interface. Telioev app is really making the EV charging more accessible to EV users. I like the idea of planting a sapling for each download. I am happy to be the part of this green initiative by telioev.

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