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Working on "Mission Million" to manage one Million EV chargers through telioEV solutions.






EV Charging Station Listed Pan India

Values offered by TelioEV

Customer Experience 10x

Provides Faster
Rollouts of products & services

Provides 360-Degree View of EV charging network

Providing a platform that is
Highly Agile with Open Standards

Enables Interoperability & Adoption

Increase in software adoption to overcome the Optimum Power Challenges

Provides a Highly Secured Network

SaaS platform to optimize EV Charging Maintenance, and Operations

Why TelioEV App is required?

The TelioEV app is a must-have for any electric vehicle driver. It helps you locate nearby charging stations, check availability, and pay quickly. With real-time information at your fingertips, you can avoid unnecessary detours and reduce range anxiety. Say goodbye to cash or card payments and hello to a seamless charging experience.

Download the TelioEV app today and enjoy the convenience of a fully connected EV network.

Hassle-free EV Charging 

Customize to Reflect Your Brand

Delight Your Drivers 

Why TelioEV CMS is required?

TelioEV CMS is required because it helps Charge Point Operators (CPOs) manage their Electric Vehicle charging stations efficiently across multiple locations.

The software provides real-time monitoring and optimization capabilities for charging operations, which is essential for ensuring that EV drivers have access to reliable and convenient charging services.

Ready to take your EV charging station business to the next level? Try TelioEV CMS today.


Analyze chargers, maximize growth.

Efficiency Enhancement & Revenue Generation

Tailored Solutions  through APIs

Industries We Serve

Charge Point Operators

Build, scale, and monetize your charging network, optimize operations, reduce costs, and easily manage & grow your network.

Energy & Utilities

Gain key insights, unlock a profitable EV business, & provide accessible, future-proof charging solutions with the ability to set prices for different use cases.

Hardware Manufacturers

Provide accessible, future-proof charging solutions to residents & visitors, setting prices for different use cases, & gaining key insights.

Real Estate & Commercial Parking

Empower EV drivers with infrastructure & end-user solutions, and maintain brand loyalty through white-label solutions.

Fuel & Service Stations

Become a charging service provider with TelioEV’s end-to-end solutions, ensure brand loyalty with branded onboarding, & provide solutions for private and commercial drivers.

EV Fleet & Logistics

Integrate with our market-leading software platform for trusted features, and ensure great EV driver experiences with remote maintenance.

How TelioEV is doing is differently?


by enabling charging station manufacturers, and operators to utilize TelioEV, EV charging platform and serve the need.

Domain expert

with an extensive understanding of EV ecosystem and smart e-Mobility solutions.

Hardware Agnostics
to deliver forward-looking charging solutions globally & support all EV drivers

to Electric Vehicle charging process.

Effortlessly Customise solutions for chargers and Manage prices and customers for competitive and profitable business.

Seamless integration with Open APIs for quick and easy EV charging data integration.

Interoperable EV Roaming, fully compatible with OCPI protocols for convenient access to charging options.

Customizable White-label solutions for efficient, scalable, and recognizable charging businesses.

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