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The Future Is with TelioEV

As we strive towards a sustainable future, TelioEV is spearheading the push for the widespread use of electric vehicles (EVs) in India. Our mission is to create a green economy and provide access to smart, inexpensive, and reliable charging stations for a billion EV drivers. We understand that the lack of charging stations has caused “Range Anxiety” among potential EV drivers, which is depriving our cities of the necessary clean air.

To combat this issue, TelioEV CMS provides a complete end to end solution that meets all your EV demands, reducing your worry. We use loT for better connectivity and OCPP protocols to provide our customers with superior and sustainable solutions. Our CMS architecture balances the load, and we stay close to our customers to better understand their behavior, preferences, and purchasing patterns, ultimately ensuring the best customer satisfaction.

At TelioEV, we invite you to join us in advancing a sustainable and environment-friendly future where electric vehicles revolutionize the industry and play a key role in promoting cleaner air and a healthier planet. Our platform is your one-stop destination for your EV charging needs, offering a comprehensive solution that enables you to contribute to the environment while taking advantage of the many benefits of electric mobility. Together, let’s work towards making the future greener and a better world. Our top priority is to provide EV owners with a flawless charging experience so they may embrace electric vehicles with assurance and peace of mind.

Everything is simple with TelioEV CMS!!

Working together, achieving success!



To make the world’s EV charging network more efficient through the use of electric vehicles for personal and commercial purposes by using technology as a lever to improve simplicity, efficiency, and adoption at scale.



To promote eco-friendly mobility alternatives with 1 Million EV Chargers by Oct 2027.

Leadership Team

Amit Singh - TelioEV Charging Management System
Amit Singh


19+ years of experience in IT & Telecom Industry

Pradeep singh - TelioEV Charging Management System
Pradeep Singh

Chief Strategy Officer

20+ years of experience in IT & Telecom Industry

Lalit Singh TelioEV
Lalit Singh

Co-founder and CEO

13+ years experience in Sales

TelioEV Team
Mukesh K Bansal

Chief Technology Officer

17+ years of experience in Digital Power Control, IOT & IT

abha singh at TelioEV
Abha Singh

Associate director

12+ years of experience in Sales