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TelioEV is the best EV charging software platform that is developing a large, smart, and cost-effective EV charging network. Through our collaborations with fleets, CPOs, RWAs, and OEMs, we’ve been able to build a huge database for our platform. We want to be the market leader in EV charging by using our unique user interface and expertise in hardware.

We have used loT for better connectivity and OCPP protocols to give our customers superior and sustainable solutions. We have been successful in overcoming challenges in communication, standardisation between the Charging Management Systems, scaling of the EV business, controlling the CMS businesses and services remotely, and so on.

TelioEV CMS is built to be robust and help you scale regardless of how many stations you add, and our best TelioEV CMS architecture balances the load. By developing an EV ecosystem, we can together bring down emissions by up to 75%. While we concentrate on our business solutions, our primary focus is customer satisfaction. We choose to stay as close as possible to our customers—understanding their behavior, their preferences, their purchasing patterns, etc. Ultimately, providing the best customer satisfaction.

Our talented team

Our leadership team is comprised of individuals that are always probing, analyzing, and challenging the status quo in order to release the boundless brilliance that lies within any situation.

Amit Singh

(19+ years of experience in IT & Telecom Industry)

Pradeep Singh

Chief Strategy Officer
(20+ years of experience in IT & Telecom Industry)

Smita Apsingekar

Chief Operating Officer
(20+ years of experience in IT & Telecom Industry)

Lalit Singh

Chief Growth Officer
(13+ years experience in Sales)

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Mukesh K Bansal

Chief Technology Officer
(17+ years of experience in Digital Power Control, IOT & IT)

Abha Singh

Business Head
(12+ years of experience in Sales)