Plant for the planet,
Plant for your future

You are saving the air, water, soil, and your children’s future. With just 3 easy steps from the comfort of your house, you can plant a tree and be the Green Warrior of the Avenger’s team.

Want to know how?

The most significant contribution of electric vehicles is that they improve air quality. Just 1 Electric car on your streets can save around 1.5 million grams of CO₂.

What's More?

Less Noise Pollution

Electric cabs are 5db quieter than petrol cabs; thus less noise pollution.

Low Running Cost

The monthly running cost of EVs is only a fraction of petrol/diesel vehicles.

Less Emission

The lifecycle emission of battery EVs is 19-35% less than petrol vehicles.

There are many other benefits of using Electric Vehicles, But is that enough to save the environment?

NO. It isn’t.

Pollution, droughts, erosions, wildfires, and many other factors are taking away the life of our planet Earth.

There is the one ensuring way to save us all from that. And that is planting trees.

But is it that simple? No. Planting a tree requires just as much care as an infant. But it is crucial to plant trees.

Plant a Tree for Free

TelioEV, a green tech company, aims to plant trees on your behalf with zero effort. Want to know how? It just takes 3 easy steps for you

Now, Make a Contribution to the future and the change in just three steps

Scan the QR Code Given Below

Download The TelioEV App

Scan the QR Code Given Below

With every sign-up, TelioEV plants a tree on your behalf. You lead the way, and we fulfill the mission.

Join the team and create a clean energy future that benefits you and your family.

TelioEV cares, do you?

Adopt a tree today,
Save your Child's tomorrow

No tree should be left Orphan

Do you remember we were taught in kindergartens that trees are living beings too? A plant grows into a mature tree just like your child is growing into one. But your child needed you and your support. But who is supporting the plant? Does it have a father or a mother? Trees require just as much care as a child. It needs water, good soil, nutrients, protection, and more. How wonderful it would be to care for an orphan child and see them thrive. Let’s care for an orphan tree and see them thriving with your child. You can adopt a tree you planted while downloading the app. 

TelioEV offers a yearly plan for just 400 INR where our experts take care of the plant and help it grow greener and stronger, creating a cleaner future for your child.

Help Green Life thrive

Are you looking to help the planet? If yes, then adopt a tree today

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