Complete Guide on How to Setup Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

Complete Guide on How to Setup Electric Vehicle Charging Station in India

EVs are the future. This is justified by the exponentially growing number of EV sales all around the globe.

However, the same pattern is not noticed in India. People here are still reluctant to go for an EV instead of a conventional vehicle. 

The main reason behind it is that we don’t have a strong EV infrastructure yet to accommodate EVs properly. 

Let us begin with EV charging stations. There aren’t many of them.

Among the available options, some either don’t have proper accommodation for all types of EVs, or they are located at locations people aren’t generally aware of.

Let’s understand the steps that one needs to follow to set up an electric vehicle charging station in India and then decode why still there aren’t as many EV charging stations as there should have been.

Setting Up an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Here are a few things that one needs to keep in mind while setting up an electric vehicle charging station:

  • Research the basic prerequisites of setting up an electric vehicle charging station and their estimated cost and set up a budget.
  • Make sure you have enough space to accommodate the vehicles. 
  • Your location would affect your visibility, so make sure that you choose a location that is easily accessible to people if going for a public charging station.
  • Do thorough research and understand well about the legal clauses and make sure that you are in accordance with local and international standards.
  • If you are setting up a public charging station being near a power station would ensure a smooth electricity supply.
  •  Make sure to get all the installations done only by professionals.
  • Make arrangements for emergencies and safety. The professionals would help you with these as well.
  • Keep a separate budget for advertising and hire a team of professionals that would help you in acquiring the right reach with the right resources.
  • Understand the mechanical intricacies, which include EV chargers, connectors, and plugs. 

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