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Our Saas Solutions For TelioEV CMS

Our Charging Management System (CMS) is Cloud-based software that EV (Electric Vehicle) charging companies, such as Charge Point Operators, may utilize to monitor, measure, and regulate their charging stations.

Through a single Charging Management System, our Digital SaaS Platform enables EV business owners to scale their EV businesses with ease.

We have utilized loT for improved connectivity and OCPP protocols to provide you with the best SaaS Solutions of the highest standard.

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Why is TelioEV the market leader?

Communication Challenges with CMS

You should always choose an EV charging network that is intelligent, meaning that it should be able to connect with the backend. Therefore to ensure compatibility, TelioEV SaaS products include the most recent OCPP 1.6/2.0.1 protocol (Open Charge Point Protocol).

TelioEV is the best and ideal EV charging software solution as it is future-proof, allowing users to easily adjust to changes in the industry and adopt open protocols like as OCPP and OCPI as they evolve.

Lack of Standardization

TelioEV resolves Standardization difficulties by incorporating the most recent globally approved OCPP 1.6/2.0.1 protocol and OCPI 2.2 protocol and adhering to Open charge standard. But many CMS software are still do not following the Open charge standard and are not hardware agnostic.

Challenges of Managing EV Business

As an EV business owner, managing many charging stations simultaneously can be time-consuming and daunting. TelioEV’s CMS is designed to be the best as it is scalable regardless of the number of stations added, and our CMS architecture balances the demand.

Lack of Adaptability for Diverse Payment Integrations

The CMS offered by TelioEV is adaptable and integrates a number of different payment methods.

Remote Controlling Of the Businesses and Services

In a world where electric mobility is growing, TelioEV charging stations for electric vehicles may give merchants with numerous advantages, such as new revenue streams and satisfied consumers. The CMS provided by TelioEV enables remote management of all stations through synchronized and real-time data analysis.

No Quick Updates from Device

TelioEV CMS will keep you informed of any hardware-related concerns via real-time warnings and notifications. Regular updates allow you to take prompt action, which ultimately results in increased levels of customer satisfaction.

Challenges in Tariff Management and Flexible Plans

You are able to design your EV charging rate based on either the amount of kilowatt-hours or the amount of time. TelioEV CMS offers adjustable tariffs and subscription plans.

Advantages of Charging Management Systems

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Specification of CMS

White labeling

TelioEV’s white-label EV charging management software solutions provide SaaS-enabled enterprises with a robust, highly scalable EV charging network management system. Customization of “look and feel” can include logos, colours, and graphics to create a consistent extension of your brand. Thus, your EV charging service becomes interwoven with your company’s brand, allowing you to strengthen client interactions and improve brand loyalty.


There are numerous charging stations within a business, as well as a central management system. To ensure the effective operation of the charging stations, there must be a regular and seamless exchange of information between the charging stations and the central management system. The Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) ensures that this communication is seamless.

EV Roaming

TelioEV roaming refers to the establishment of an infrastructure that assists EV drivers in locating the most suitable EV charging stations available. The CMS includes an interoperability capability that operates on any OCPI 2.1.1 compliant network. It also allows drivers to charge whenever and wherever they choose. This imposes improved networking. Better networking is always indicative of increased opportunities. Therefore, TelioEV assists you in broadening your reach and developing your network in order to produce more revenue opportunities.

Hardware Agnostic

Our TelioEV CMS is compatible with all OCPP- compliant hardware. The key to success and flexibility is versatility. It will be easier for a product or service to adapt to any given environment or condition if it is more adaptable. TelioEV CMS ensures this through efficient communication and the implementation of stringent procedures.

Payments and Billing

TelioEV CMS is compatible with a variety of common payment processors. The CMS also has an adaptable billing module that may be tailored to your specific payment scenarios.


Analytics provided by a CMS enables you to comprehend the functionality and performance reports of each of your devices. It also helps you determine if you can raise the number of devices and if the platform is able to handle more loads, and it provides you an idea of how to scale your business.

Remote Management and Maintenance

As cloud-based software, TelioEV CMS enables you to manage all services and business offers from a distance. This is accomplished via cloud-based remote management technologies. Your business and services are therefore entirely under your control, with no external interference.


TelioEV APIs allow you a high level of customization and use the EV Charging API to develop additional features that address your particular use cases. It supports the integration of charging features in other existing apps.

Plans and Tariffs

EV business demands flexibility in the configuration of location and charger pricing. Complete control over the cash flow is required. Billing automation enables you to focus on expanding your customer base. TelioEV billing and tarrif module help CPOs to manage the business requirements related to Billing and tarrifs

Key Features of CMS

  • Improves your Customer Experience 10x

  • Provides a 360-Degree View of your EV charging network

  • Enables Interoperability & Adoption

  • Provides a Highly Secured Network

  • Provides Faster Rollouts of products & services

  • Providing a platform that is Highly Agile with Open Standards

  • Increase in software adoption to overcome the Optimum Power Challenges

  • SaaS platform to optimise EV Charging, Maintenance, and Operations

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