Why is electric vehicle maintenance important (and how to do it)?

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  • On August 1st, 2023
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Most people think that since there is no friction between the moving parts of EVs and there is no exchange of liquid or gas fuels, servicing EVs is not that necessary.

Thus, people end up neglecting it, which leads to multiple failures together, making people regret their decisions to invest in an EV.

Let’s start with the basics of understanding why your EV must require service and then proceed with talking about the dos and don’ts involved while servicing your EVs.

Why do people service vehicles in general?

Timely servicing helps in fixing minor issues that might potentially turn into bigger issues as time progresses.

This saves you from both financial and mechanical losses.

This is exactly why you need to service your EVs.

People buy EVs because they are easy to maintain and then end up forgetting about the maintenance part altogether.

Although there are fewer parts that need maintenance when it comes to EVs, whatever it is, there is a need for continuous assessment and monitoring to ensure that all the parts have no wear and tear and are in a perfectly good condition to function well.

Benefits of Maintaining an Electric Car

Maintaining your electric car increases its longevity. 

When talking about EVs, it is not only the mechanical components that need regular checks and servicing. 

Batteries need constant supervision as well. 

Keeping insights on your battery health early on the journey can save you from burning holes in your pocket later.

Something that one should keep in mind is inquiring the seller well about the cars at the time of purchasing the vehicle. 

This will help in figuring out what all needs checking and maintenance. 

For example, some cars also come with coolants that maximize the performance of the vehicle, but they are supposed to be changed frequently.

Servicing your EV Is also important for safety purposes. 

If any mechanical part of the EV is not functioning properly because of some reason or another, it is important that it’s known before it wears out.

Timely replacement of faulty parts will save you from major accidents. 

So, although taking your  EV for servicing when it’s functioning perfectly fine might seem like a task that may cause some minor inconvenience to you at the moment, it will save you from major inconvenience in the future. 

How often should an electric vehicle be serviced?

This being said, you should not take your EV out for serving for every 100 miles that it covers. 

Instead, EVs should be serviced every 30,000 miles.

This should only be done by a certified professional to get the best insights about the health of the vehicle.

One of the major issues that people complain about after buying an EV is its performance, when in reality, the issue is not performance but the lack of maintenance.

Since your EV is being exposed to many conditions that might vary from person to person so, the duration of charging your EV also varies from another person.

For example, exposure to different climatic conditions creates an impact on the battery health of EVs, and your EV could be exposed to different climatic conditions than others.

And hence, it is at a higher risk of malfunction than other vehicles.

So, even if your notice a small change in the performance of your EV, it is advisable to take it for a trip to the nearest service station and, most importantly, get it treated only by a certified professional. 

EV maintenance should be more frequently spoken about and heard about.

Try to join some communities that spread awareness about EVs and their components. This will help you understand things from the perspective of others.

Fellow EV users might be going through the same problem faced by you, and this will help you in knowing the best solution to deal with it.

In conclusion, it is extremely important to talk to the seller clearly about the EV at the time of purchase and be educated about the in and out of the vehicle.

Further, always remember to inquire about anything that might need constant maintenance or servicing. 

Pay constant attention to the performance differences as they might give you great insights into how the battery life of EVs is being impacted.

Maintenance of EVs on time will save you from troubles in the coming times.

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